THIS JUST IN: We Like Presents

If you’ve listened to our latest episode you probably heard us talking about getting our very first fan mail (package). We recorded the unboxing and seriously? Getting mail still brings me the same thrill that it did when I was a kid (especially now since the only thing that I get in the mail seems to bills and catalogs) – so when we got a package from a listener – you can imagine how excited I was. And Paula was just as excited when I told her about it.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine or take my word for it – just watch the video below and see how absolutely giddy we got over it. Sorry not SAWRY! By the way, this listener works for a sex toy company so there’s a clue on why we got so giddy 😂.

Moral of the story? We like presents. You should probably send us some. Thanks in advance.

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