Our Addiction = Your Entertainment

If you’ve been following us on any of our social media platform, you’ve probably seen, heard or even follow us on our TikTok Account run by our alien intern Sarah.

Tiktok is our new addiction. Not only because our growth in the past month has been unbelievable (7595 followers and growing! ) BUT also because it’s just a FUN app, even if you’re not creating videos and just watching other people’s content.

If you are already following us there, THANK YOU! Drop a comment and give us your TikTok account so we can follow you back.

BUT if you’re like, wtf are you talking about? OR hell no, I’m not downloading another time sucking app (although, with most of us quarantined inside the house because of the corona virus, you’ve got nothing but time!)

If you’re absolutely adamant in not downloading the app, that’s fine! We still love you and we got your back! We scoured TikTok for the craziest and creepiest videos and put them all together in a handy dandy video compilation below for your viewing pleasure, without having to create a TikTok account!

We would LOVE your input and thoughts on the videos! So don’t forget to comment here or on our youtube channel after watching.

(Or if you just want to shower us with praise, that’s always welcome at all times of the day, but we’d especially like it if you gave us a rate/review on Itunes or wherever you listen to our podcast, so other people can get in on the fun!)

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