Ep 128 Gay Ghosts and Tulpa Tantrums Wait,Whaaat?

(This is one of those episodes we recommend to listen in chipmunk speed ) In this episode, Paula talks about a strange group of people who believe that gays are possessed. Elaine talks about the strange case of Olivia Mabel and the possible child Tulpa she manifested. Our Patreon is live! Get extra content and other fun stuff while supporting the show!
  1. Ep 128 Gay Ghosts and Tulpa Tantrums
  2. Ep 127 Alchemy Rock Star and Leap Castle Blues
  3. Ep 126 The Library of Everything and Vatican T.V.
  4. Ep 125 Monroe Presley Conspiracy Ghost Banana Sammich
  5. Ep 124 Demonic Oppression and Questionable Disappearances

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