Ep 121 The Gac on Zak Wait,Whaaat?

We took one for the team again and watched Ghost Adventures so you don't have to! In this episode, Paula joins the latest Ghost Adventures episode as Zak shits himself at the troubled and possibly haunted animal park that Joe Exotic once ran. Elaine reviews the episode when Zak and the boys went to Grand Canyon Caverns and nearly had a heart attack from simple physical exertion and of course the many ghosts that DIDN'T torment him. Unlike Ghost Adventures, you won't want to miss this episode!
  1. Ep 121 The Gac on Zak
  2. Ep 120 Coming Back and Going Back
  3. Ep 119 Monster People and a Religion Called Michael
  4. Ep 118 Three Prong Probe and Killer Ghost Ship
  5. Ep 117 The Angry Muffin Guy and The Farmer Who Can Fly

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