Ep 113 Scary Old Betches Parade Wait,Whaaat?

In this episode, Paula and Elaine give you a back to back on creepy old betches from the past and present. One crazy betch who locked her daughter in a room for 25 years and another one harassed her next door neighbors with a dead cat cake!   Shop our Merch! Tell us your story! WRITE:  RECORD: Support the show! (One-time payment) — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
  1. Ep 113 Scary Old Betches Parade
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  3. Ep 111 Paranormal Potty and Ghosted Celebrities
  4. Ep 110 Underwater Ghosts and Underground Atrocities
  5. Ep 109: Terrifying Lawn Heads and Unforgiving Haunted Mirrors

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