Short and Scaries: The Lost Sandringhams

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In The Beginning …

I’ve been meaning to go over Season One and improve the audio in some of our early episodes, where we had no idea what were doing and looky looky here – I’m finally getting to it! While I’m at it, I’m going to attempt to archive our episodes in some kind of order to allow you to search for certain topics. (although, why anyone wouldn’t want to binge all the episodes is beyond my understanding.)

This was our VERY FIRST Wait,Whaaat Episode! At the time, I didn’t know how to combine two of our audios together, so Paula and I just used one mic like we were some kind of doo-wop group from the 50s or something.

We were very excited and kind of yelled the intro (twice) so prepare your ears for THAT, first time listeners.

In this episode, Paula and I introduce ourselves after finishing off our Yerba Mate energy drinks, (which was unceremoniously replaced after a few episodes with a stronger energy brew called Monster), we share our personal creepy stories and then get into our very FIRST topic which happened to be the Denver Airport!


Episode 1: What’s Going On With Puffin?


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How to panic in 4 easy steps

Panicking works for zombie apocalypses, bad news, pandemics, and it can Work. For. You. 

Step one: Do not consider pertinent information or form a plan. Critical thinking and planning are enemies to panic. This is non-negotiable. If panicking is the goal, please don’t think deeply. Do not see yourself as a member of a community. You alone know what’s right, and you alone are responsible for reminding the others they’re wrong. 

Step two: Do not merely consider the seriousness of the situation or make smart decisions in response — that is staying grounded in reality. You must escalate. Share statistics that focus only on catastrophic conclusions.

Step three: If you have a conflict with friends, work, or life in general DO NOT engage the other party in problem-solving discussions. Internalize the point of conflict, complain to others, even go to the media to stoke the fires of discontent, but DO. NOT. LISTEN. to another point of view. This is important.

Step four: If there are plentiful essential resources, hoard them. If you fill your shelves with toilet paper and your counters with rotting bananas, it will solidify your sense of omnipotence. Empathy, like critical thinking, is counterproductive to panic. 

Now you’re ready. Go get panicked!

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Our Addiction = Your Entertainment

If you’ve been following us on any of our social media platform, you’ve probably seen, heard or even follow us on our TikTok Account run by our alien intern Sarah.

Tiktok is our new addiction. Not only because our growth in the past month has been unbelievable (7595 followers and growing! ) BUT also because it’s just a FUN app, even if you’re not creating videos and just watching other people’s content.

If you are already following us there, THANK YOU! Drop a comment and give us your TikTok account so we can follow you back.

BUT if you’re like, wtf are you talking about? OR hell no, I’m not downloading another time sucking app (although, with most of us quarantined inside the house because of the corona virus, you’ve got nothing but time!)

If you’re absolutely adamant in not downloading the app, that’s fine! We still love you and we got your back! We scoured TikTok for the craziest and creepiest videos and put them all together in a handy dandy video compilation below for your viewing pleasure, without having to create a TikTok account!

We would LOVE your input and thoughts on the videos! So don’t forget to comment here or on our youtube channel after watching.

(Or if you just want to shower us with praise, that’s always welcome at all times of the day, but we’d especially like it if you gave us a rate/review on Itunes or wherever you listen to our podcast, so other people can get in on the fun!)

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Quarantined? We Got You Boo! Here’s A Few Ideas on What To Do

Haha! Get it? Boo?!? Because we talk about ghosts and stuff sometimes?!?…. (sorry)

Anyways, if you’re like most people in the world right now, you’re in the house wondering what you’re going to do now that you have to stay inside to prevent the Corona Virus from spreading. It’s A LOT of unexpected free time that most of us aren’t used to. No work? No school? We just stay home? and do …….


It may seem that way but if you think about it, this is a HUGE chance to get caught up on all those frivolous things we didn’t have time to do before because work and life got in the way!

For example

YOU CAN BINGE ANYTHING on Netflix (Hulu, Amazon Prime). I highly recommend, “I’m Not Okay With This” – just finished it. SO.GOOD.

REWATCH OLD FAVORITES that never grow old, because for me nothing is more comforting than 80’s movies, Weird Science, 16 Candles, Breakfast Club, 3 O’Clock High, Pretty In Pink, Back to the Future, etc.

CATCH UP ON YOUR BOOKS I’m excited about listening to the audio books I have on my list while I clean (disinfect) the house or wrapping up the night with one of the many books that I bought but haven’t gotten to (I’m looking at you – Dead Mountain, the Untold True Story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident )

OR (and this is our favorite option obviously)

CATCH UP ON OUR SHOWS ! I recently put a playlist together on Spotify of my favorite episodes (subscribe to it because Paula will be adding her favorites there too!) OR you can catch up the old school way and just jump right in and listen!

Last but not least, GET SOCIAL ON SOCIAL MEDIA: If you can’t meet up in person, we can do it online! This is the time to be grateful that we live in a slightly Jetsons kind of world in that we can still be social on the couch in our ratty Wonder Woman pajamas (which is DEFINITELY NOT what I’m doing right now).

In fact, I want to take this time out to WELCOME our new listeners, most of them coming from TikTok since our alien intern Sarah is posting fun stuff on there almost daily and has recently accumulated 5000 followers in a span of just a few days and growing as we speak! Download it now, follow us and join in on the fun.

These are just a few ideas I have, what about you? What project/activity are you excited about doing during the down time? Comment below! I need ideas too people.

Stay safe! Stay inside! Relax! And stop buying so much toilet paper!

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THIS JUST IN: We Like Presents

If you’ve listened to our latest episode you probably heard us talking about getting our very first fan mail (package). We recorded the unboxing and seriously? Getting mail still brings me the same thrill that it did when I was a kid (especially now since the only thing that I get in the mail seems to bills and catalogs) – so when we got a package from a listener – you can imagine how excited I was. And Paula was just as excited when I told her about it.

Actually, you don’t have to imagine or take my word for it – just watch the video below and see how absolutely giddy we got over it. Sorry not SAWRY! By the way, this listener works for a sex toy company so there’s a clue on why we got so giddy 😂.

Moral of the story? We like presents. You should probably send us some. Thanks in advance.

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CAN WE JOIN THE COOL TABLE? Pitching our podcast to Exactly Right.

Are we ‘exactly right’ for Karen and Georgia? We think we are. If you listened to our last show, we were throwing around the idea of possibly asking our listeners to help us with our lofty endeavor (AKA Hail Mary throw) to be noticed by the network by tagging Georgia and Karen OR their Exactly Right network to an episode or post by us you found funny or interesting. (phew, we burned a few calories with that run-on sentence)

There’s a lot of networks out there that we think we’d be a great addition to but we really want to pitch our podcast to Exactly Right because we think a comedy podcast just like My Favorite Murder only on a paranormal/strange tip is something that’s missing from their line-up. Correct me if I’m wrong – but they currently don’t have any podcasts that delve into the supernatural or paranormal on their network right??

We personally think that the paranormal genre is right below true crime in terms of popularity and Wait, Whaaat would be a wonderful bookend to their murder podcast. So let’s manifest odd squaaad and start tagging or @ – the My Favorite Murder ladies on Wait,Whaaat content so we can get noticed by Exactly Right!

My Favorite Murder podcast is one of our FAVORITES and the thought of possibly being a part of this amazing network that was built by two hilarious and awesome women like Karen and Georgia excites us to our very core. It would be a dream come true and there would be a future episode on our Patreon where it would be 30 straight minutes of Paula and I screaming our ass off (see? We got fun extras over there! haha!)

Just in case Georgia or Karen see this – Hi ladies! We love you! Check out our ‘Best of” playlist below. We will anxiously await your invite to sit at the cool kids table.

Throwback Tuesday: The New Old Look!

Some of you may have noticed or read on Instagram that we’ve decided to go back to our old logo. After the first season, we tried different looks but none of them really felt like they made an impact like our first one. We feel like it captures everything about us and, if you’re a fan of the show, it’s recognizable from afar. It’s our Nike swoosh and there’s also some sentimental ties to it. I asked Paula for some selfies and she sent me the one that is on the logo now and her facial expression was nearly identical to the one I had chosen to use. It just came about so naturally. The other pictures and logos we tried didn’t feel as natural or inspired as the original.

With this in mind, we can go all in on our merch so keep an eye out for that! Also, don’t forget to support the show on our Patreon Page – SO much content on there it’s unbelievable and our patrons will probably get first dibs and discounts on new merchandise in the future! And if you haven’t already, please rate and review us on Apple or leave a nice comment on any of our social media so we can read it out loud on our next episode during Comment and Review Highlights!

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