Paula is down for paper straws and Yerba Mates that sparkle


Paula is an award-winning news journalist and editor published in newspapers and magazines across the United States. She continues that work but says, “Sometimes, you just have to have fun, and that’s exactly what this podcast is for me and my friend, Elaine.”

When Elaine approached Paula asking if she wanted to start a podcast in late 2018, Paula’s answer was a concise, “YEP.” Paula says talking about the paranormal, conspiracy theories and any other oddity is no weirder than covering politics, education, and crime in the news business. “I find the threat of malevolent ghosts and alien probes less troubling than politics.”

Elaine doesn’t know how to take selfies and has an unhealthy love for Madonna


You might recognize Elaine from the movie “Tiptoes” with Matthew McConaughey and Kate Beckingsdale, when she gave riveting performance as “party goer,” and “registration girl.” She has then moved on from her illustrious movie career into writing questionable articles for a myriad of websites, becoming an officiant because she loves weddings, self publishing her own books under a pen name that makes her sound tall and now starting a paranormal podcast and dragging her friend and co-worker Paula into her sickness with the promise of caffeine drinks and tin hats.

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