CAN WE JOIN THE COOL TABLE? Pitching our podcast to Exactly Right.

Are we ‘exactly right’ for Karen and Georgia? We think we are. If you listened to our last show, we were throwing around the idea of possibly asking our listeners to help us with our lofty endeavor (AKA Hail Mary throw) to be noticed by the network by tagging Georgia and Karen OR their Exactly Right network to an episode or post by us you found funny or interesting. (phew, we burned a few calories with that run-on sentence)

There’s a lot of networks out there that we think we’d be a great addition to but we really want to pitch our podcast to Exactly Right because we think a comedy podcast just like My Favorite Murder only on a paranormal/strange tip is something that’s missing from their line-up. Correct me if I’m wrong – but they currently don’t have any podcasts that delve into the supernatural or paranormal on their network right??

We personally think that the paranormal genre is right below true crime in terms of popularity and Wait, Whaaat would be a wonderful bookend to their murder podcast. So let’s manifest odd squaaad and start tagging or @ – the My Favorite Murder ladies on Wait,Whaaat content so we can get noticed by Exactly Right!

My Favorite Murder podcast is one of our FAVORITES and the thought of possibly being a part of this amazing network that was built by two hilarious and awesome women like Karen and Georgia excites us to our very core. It would be a dream come true and there would be a future episode on our Patreon where it would be 30 straight minutes of Paula and I screaming our ass off (see? We got fun extras over there! haha!)

Just in case Georgia or Karen see this – Hi ladies! We love you! Check out our ‘Best of” playlist below. We will anxiously await your invite to sit at the cool kids table.

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