In The Beginning …

I’ve been meaning to go over Season One and improve the audio in some of our early episodes, where we had no idea what were doing and looky looky here – I’m finally getting to it! While I’m at it, I’m going to attempt to archive our episodes in some kind of order to allow you to search for certain topics. (although, why anyone wouldn’t want to binge all the episodes is beyond my understanding.)

This was our VERY FIRST Wait,Whaaat Episode! At the time, I didn’t know how to combine two of our audios together, so Paula and I just used one mic like we were some kind of doo-wop group from the 50s or something.

We were very excited and kind of yelled the intro (twice) so prepare your ears for THAT, first time listeners.

In this episode, Paula and I introduce ourselves after finishing off our Yerba Mate energy drinks, (which was unceremoniously replaced after a few episodes with a stronger energy brew called Monster), we share our personal creepy stories and then get into our very FIRST topic which happened to be the Denver Airport!


Episode 1: What’s Going On With Puffin?


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